Product liability, failure analysis, patent and intellectual property, product design and development, machine failures, accident reconstruction.

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Product Design Forensic Engineering

Engineering & Scientific Services

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Product Design Forensic Engineering was founded to better assist our customers with the very best of multi-disciplinary consulting services delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our venture is driven by the desire to provide direct, more responsive contact to clients and a reduction of costs by working directly with clients rather than through outsourcing firms.


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We combine the very best of industrial and litigation experience. Being directly involved in product design and development processes, we have participated in and analyzed hundreds of component and system failures using both traditional as well as analytical methods, frequently addressing technical problems exposed during R&D engineering years before learning that other products might have similar litigation issues.


We offer the highest level of technical consulting services specializing in all aspects of failure analysis, from the analysis of root causes of accidents and product failures to failure prevention techniques, product design methods, design analysis, evaluation and review methods, design liability, patent and intellectual properties, vehicle and machinery accident reconstruction.



Our Expertise


Failure Analysis, Design Evaluation, Design Liability - Expert level engineering services in areas of design of mechanical system and components, failure analysis and design evaluation, product design liability of consumer and industrial equipment and components for industry as well as expert witness services to law firms. We have a unique knowledge and understanding of product design steps and procedures and how they influence future product performance and reliability. Our expertise in failure analysis and product field issues combined with expert witness consulting services provides paramount technical advantage to our clients


Product Design, Complex Product Development - Expert level and direct industrial experience in complex product design and development. Our experience covers all aspects of product live cycle from concept, R&D and prototyping through manufacturing, assembly, service and customer support. Our expertise ranges from heavy machinery, equipment and vehicle design, large scale vacuum coating capital equipment and vacuum plasma sputtering systems to precision analytical instruments used in the field of electron microscopy. We were able to substantially reduce product development costs, reduce time-to-market schedules, and generate very reliable and advanced product lines with solid Intellectual Property (IP) positions, or even to break a competitors monopoly on a product market.


Intellectual Property, Product Development and Patents. A substantial portion of our work is related to product design, development, and patent issues on a variety of subjects and across multiple industries. As engineering practitioners and inventors, we recognize the critical importance of patents and the commercial value of novel solutions. We provide expertise in design methods, problem solving methodologies, and evaluation of claims and complex intellectual issues. We are known as a proven problem solver, consistent contributor and author of numerous technological break-throughs and for being able to develop methods and solutions to previously unfamiliar problems.


Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. PDF Engineering provides accident investigation and reconstruction services, as well as expert witness services to law firms. Our expertise includes not only motor vehicle accident reconstruction, collision analysis and damage assessment, Monte Carlo techniques in accident reconstruction, heavy truck crashworthiness and vehicle rollover but also industrial equipment and components.


Slip and Fall Cases, Friction and Wear. We perform friction studies and safety design reviews of surfaces, materials and contact conditions. Our expertise combines formal university education in the field of Tribology and contact mechanics combined with extensive industrial experience and research in field of friction, wear, and contact mechanics. We have conducted numerous site inspections surveys, safety design reviews and study of surfaces, materials and contact conditions.